July 4, 2020

Looking at the history of Temples in New England North West region

There were at least nine different temples in the New England North West region. Local histories state that the goldfields of Rocky River (modern-day Uralla) had a series of three Chinese temples built sequentially in 1857, 1866 and 1877. The tin-mining town of Tingha is also recorded as having “three joss houses” by 1885, with two of these opening in 1874 and 1883, and a fourth opening in 1901. The tinfield of Emmaville (originally called Vegetable Creek), had two temples, opened in 1878 and 1887. The main temple at Tingha, photographed possibly in 1890. Photograph reproduced from Elizabeth Weidemann’s 1981 book World of Its Own: Inverell’s Early Years 1827-1920, p. 180. Here are some historical images of the interiors and exteriors of some of these temples. As our research progresses, we hope to find out more details on these temples and their history, as well as provide detailed translations of the Chinese inscriptions in these photographs. For more information about the...
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