February 22, 2023

McCrossin’s Mill Museum

by Juanita Kwok McCrossins Mill Museum is located in Uralla, the closest town to the historic Rocky River goldfield.  The Museum is housed in a three storey flour mill, built in 1870 for John McCrossin, son of Sam McCrossin, one of the earliest settlers on Anaiwan land. The flour mill was purchased by members of the Uralla Historical Society in 1979, painstakingly restored as a museum, gallery and function centre and opened to the public in 1982. McCrossin’s Mill Museum has a collection of Chinese artefacts recognised as being of national significance. Michael van Leeuwen first curated an exhibition titled “New Gold Mountain – Chinese at Rocky River” in 1982. Chinese artefacts from the Tingha joss house were purchased by the Society in 1983. The display was revamped in 2000 by Kent Mayo and Anne Hacker, and there has been ongoing commitment to collection, preservation, display and interpretation. In 2018, the Society published a booklet written by Dr Michael Williams which contextualises the New Gold...
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A cymbal, which would have been one of a pair, sold by the 長珍 “Cheung Chan” firm. LOCATION Wing Hing Long Museum, Tingha TRANSCRIPTIONS Cymbal 2 – at Wing Hing Long Museum (IMG_6278, 13.4.21) Convex surface of cymbal 東長珍 Cymbal 2 – at Wing Hing Long Museum (IMG_6340, 13.4.21) Concave surface of dome of cymbal Brush-written text 花☐士 足〢 Blue text ☐大士 WHERE WAS THIS OBJECT USED? The answer to this question is not yet known. SUMMARY The large-character inscription on the cymbal’s convex surface suggest that the seller was a firm named 長珍 “Cheung Chan”. At least one of a pair of cymbals in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (accession no. 89.4.12; The Crosby Brown Collection of Musical Instruments, 1889), which bear a close resemblance to this cymbal, has a similar firm name—長友 “Cheung Yau”—emblazoned, also in large vertical left-aligned characters, on its convex surface: see The brush-written ligature at left within the concave surface of the dome of cymbal...
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