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Mannequin stand

The base stand from a diorama that would have showed mannequins from a scene in a play, and...
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Temple Bell dated 1883–4, McCrossin's mill

Temple bell dated 1883–4

This bell, bearing the date of 1883–84, is a typical temple bell. It would be struck to call...
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Cymbal 1 - Green Valley Farm


A cymbal, which would have been one of a pair, sold by the 長珍 “Cheung Chan” firm. LOCATION Wing...
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Processional staff 1 - Wing Hing Long

Processional staff 1

This would have been one of a set of probably eight staffs, which would have been displayed at...
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Red-printed incense stick packaging

Nine packets of incense, printed in red ink, and probably used in Tingha. From the firm 陳聯馨 “Chun...
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“Kwun Yam Den” altar censer - Wing Hing Long

“Kwun Yam Den” altar censer

觀音 “Kwun Yam”, the Chinese goddess of mercy, is a Buddhist deity. But, on account of its syncretic nature,...
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Processional placard 1 -McCrossin's Mill

Processional placards

This set of six placards was originally displayed in the 1883 Howell Road temple in Tingha, and may have...
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Prescription printing block

The papers printed on this block would have been the answers to health questions asked of 華佗 Hua...
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Sudhana Kumāra plaque

Sudhana Kumāra plaque

Sudhana Kumāra (a.k.a. Sun Chai) is an acolyte of Avalokitasvara (a.k.a. Kwun Yam; the Chinese goddess of mercy)....
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Yeung Fook Tong” entrance adornment, Wing Hing Long - Tingha

“Yeung Fook Tong” entrance adornment

This entrance adornment—or 彩門 “choy-moon”—is likely the one referenced by the Donation plaque dated 1866, and so would have hung...
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Incense crate - Wing Hing Long

Incense crate

Shipping crate for “superior benzoin incense” from the Macao firm of 陳天祥 “Chan Tin Cheung”. This firm was one...
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McCrossin's Mill Temple drum stand

Temple drum stand

The drum on this stand would have been struck to call the attention the deity or deities of...
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Altar table dated 1866 - Wing Hing Long, Tingha

Altar table dated 1866

Originally believed to be from the 1866 Rocky River temple, this table was likely moved to the 1883...
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Carved scene with three sheep - McCrossin's Mill

Carved scene with three sheep

The shape of this frieze suggests it graced the top of the front of an altar table. It...
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Gold in Hand couplet board - McCrossin's Mill

“Gold in hand” couplet board

It is clear from the metrical structure of the text that it constitutes the first or so-called upper...
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Candlesticks -Wing Hing Long


This pair of candlesticks would have likely stood upon an altar table in the 1883 Howell Rd temple...
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Southern sky couplet board - McCrossin's Mill

“Southern sky” couplet board

This couplet board is believed to have formed part of a shrine-cabinet surround, as is suggested by the...
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Processional staff 2 - Wing Hing Long

Processional staff 2

This would have been one of a set of probably eight staffs, which would have been displayed at...
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Article 3

Old newspaper articles that concern the Emmaville temple

The Emmaville temple features prominently in Chinese-language Australian newspapers. This is a sample of these articles, summarized in...
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Right long couplet board

IMG_6653 Inverell Pioneer Village - Right long couplet board - Paul Macgregor 16.4.21
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St Andrew's Church, Tingha - Temple bell, undated

Temple bell – St Andrew’s Church, Tingha

A temple bell that, at some stage, became a church bell. It is not known in which temple...
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flipped horizontally - Inverell Pioneer Village

Tingha Yee Hing Society stamp

This stamp belonged to one or both of Tingha’s Chinese Masonic society buildings. The “Yee Hing Society” was...
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Multicoloured incense-stick packaging - Inverell Pioneer Village

Multicolour-printed incense stick packaging

A remnant of the packaging of an incense packet from Macao, from the firm 陳聯馨 “Chun Lun Hing”....
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Fortune-paper printing blocks

Dedicated to Sudhana Kumāra (a.k.a. Sun Chai), an acolyte of Kwun Yam (a.k.a. Avalokitasvara), it is therefore highly likely that...
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Emmaville temple interior, Britain album 1899.

Photographs of the Emmaville temple’s façade and interior

Two photographs taken in 1899, which feature many inscriptions on plaques of the 1887 Emmaville temple. LOCATION Britain...
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Name plaque dated 1866 - Inverell Pioneer Village

Names plaque dated 1866

The inscription on this plaque is a list of 155 names. The matching design of this plaque, which...
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Main altar Chinese Temple Rocky River 1908, Golden Threads Scan

Interior photograph of the last Rocky River temple

Dated 1908, the temple pictured is presumably the 1880 Rocky River temple, which reportedly burnt down in 1912....
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Yee Hing Society name plaque

This name plaque, which would perhaps have originally been displayed above a front doorway, may come from Tingha’s...
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Donation plaque dated 1866 - Inverell Pioneer Village

Donation plaque dated 1866

A Chinese-temple donation inscription that is couched as an address to that temple’s deity or deities, as is...
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