Temple Objects – Inverell Pioneer Village

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Inverell Pioneer Museum

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Name plaque dated 1866 - Inverell Pioneer Village

Names plaque dated 1866

The inscription on this plaque is a list of 155 names. The matching design of this plaque, which...
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Donation plaque dated 1866 - Inverell Pioneer Village

Donation plaque dated 1866

A Chinese-temple donation inscription that is couched as an address to that temple’s deity or deities, as is...
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Yee Hing Society name plaque

This name plaque, which would perhaps have originally been displayed above a front doorway, may come from Tingha’s...
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Chim stick canister 2 - Inverell Pioneer Village

Chim stick canister 2

This canister was used to hold the chim sticks, or fortune sticks, that were used in divination rituals...
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Fortune-paper printing blocks

Dedicated to Sudhana Kumāra (a.k.a. Sun Chai), an acolyte of Kwun Yam (a.k.a. Avalokitasvara), it is therefore highly likely that...
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Prescription printing block

The papers printed on this block would have been the answers to health questions asked of 華佗 Hua...
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flipped horizontally - Inverell Pioneer Village

Tingha Yee Hing Society stamp

This stamp belonged to one or both of Tingha’s Chinese Masonic society buildings. The “Yee Hing Society” was...
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Multicoloured incense-stick packaging - Inverell Pioneer Village

Multicolour-printed incense stick packaging

A remnant of the packaging of an incense packet from Macao, from the firm 陳聯馨 “Chun Lun Hing”....
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Red-printed incense stick packaging

Nine packets of incense, printed in red ink, and probably used in Tingha. From the firm 陳聯馨 “Chun...
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Right long couplet board

IMG_6653 Inverell Pioneer Village - Right long couplet board - Paul Macgregor 16.4.21
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