Gill Oxley OCP member

Gill Oxley

Vice President Our Chinese Past, Professional genealogist


Gill is a community worker and professional genealogist with an interest in culturally diverse histories of the northern inland border region of New South Wales. Gill is particularly interested in giving voice to points of view and accounts of the development of the northern inland border region that diverge from the dominant European discourse. She travels widely and frequently in that area, gathering stories and images as an evidence base for the wider sharing of these non-dominant histories.

During 2016, Gill researched and wrote about the story of the Chinese Wesleyan missionary Joseph Tear Tack and his wife Emma Lee Young, together with historians Paul MacGregor and Dr Kate Bagnall. The Reverend Tear Tack ministered to a large Chinese population in the northern NSW towns of Tingha and Bundarra at the height of the 19th Century tin boom. Subsequently, Gill has been involved in fact-gathering research trips with Dr Juanita Kwok, and recently had the pleasure of introducing Juanita Kwok and Paul McGregor to some of the small regional museums in Tingha, Inverell and Glen Innes that house a wealth of Chinese Australian history.


Co wrote the story of Chinese Wesleyan missionary Joseph Tear Tack and his wife Emma Lee Young