Interior photograph of the last Rocky River temple

Dated 1908, the temple pictured is presumably the 1880 Rocky River temple, which reportedly burnt down in 1912.


Private collection

Main altar Chinese Temple Rocky River 1908
Main altar in what is believed to be a 1908 photograph of the Rocky River temple: from private collection, reproduced in Golden Threads, p. 87.


Textual content: This photograph contains a number of texts: a pillar inscription, a censer inscription, and at least two altar inscriptions. None of these, however, is legible in the low-resolution photograph above. The most important of the texts is presumably the censer inscription, which probably provides the name of the temple: a high-resolution scan of the original image might facilitate its determination.

Identity of the temple: Given the date of the photograph, the temple pictured is presumably the last of the Rocky River temples, which opened in 1880, and reportedly burnt down in 1912. For a newspaper report on its opening, see:

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