This entrance adornment—or 彩門 “choy-moon”—is likely the one referenced by the Donation plaque dated 1866, and so would have hung either just inside, or just outside, the entrance of the 1866 Rocky River temple.


Wing Hing Long Museum, Tingha

Yeung Fook Tong” entrance adornment, Wing Hing Long - Tingha
“Yeung Fook Tong” entrance adornment – at Wing Hing Long Museum (IMG_6342, 13.4.21)
Detail from the top of the entrance adornment, showing the words “Yeung Fook Tong” (IMG_4145, 14.7.19)



Yeung Fook Tong


This would appear to be the very early entrance adornment—or 彩門 “choy-moon”—referenced by the Donation plaque dated 1866 and associated with the list of what are presumably donor names on the Names plaque dated 1866.

For commentary on the significance of the characters “Yeung Fook Tong”, and on this and other “choy-moon” or “entrance adornments”, see the relevant notes in the post for the Donation Plaque dated 1866.

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